Visualwize Chess Training Software: A Review


Chess enthusiasts of all levels are always seeking ways to improve their chess skills, so that they can win at chess games, whether they play professionally or socially.

One of the most effective ways to improve your chess skills is to use a chess visualization software, which enables you to practice and improve your visualization skills. Visualization is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in chess.

A program that is apparently gaining a lot of popularity and is helping many people to improve their chess is Visualwize Chess Training Software.

Let's address the basic questions on this software.

What is it?

Visualwize is a chess training software that trains your ability to have a clear mental picture of chess moves before you make these moves on the board. This enables you to assess the implications of your moves before you make the actual moves. This therefore enables you to play better at chess, as you will be able to make the right decisions and avoid making some mistakes that would make you lost a game.

This program has 240 visualization training exercises which are designed to develop your visualization skills. It has and more than 1200 moves to visualize. These moves are real moves made by a master player in real chess games. With the software, you can train to visualize up to 8 moves ahead.

The program consists of 4 levels, level 1 being rather easy and level 4 being hard. You can order the level that suits your needs. For those who really want to significantly improve their skills, level 4, the complete program, is recommended.

How does it work – what does the program actually do?

In simple terms, the program shows a chess position from a game between two chess masters, and then, with arrows, it shows the next few moves that have been made in that position by the renowned chess masters. The arrows stop in a position where a tactic, ie, a combination that wins the game exists.

Unlike other programs and books that use written annotations for the moves, this program uses arrows on the board. This means it reflects a realistic playing scenario, and you do not have to take your attention and eyes from the board to read written annotations.

This is one major factor that separates this program from others that are available on the Internet today. Rather than building up the skill of moving your eyes between notation and the board, Visualwize trains you in the art of seeing unfolding moves without actually affecting the board.

On the website where the program is offered, there are many informative and short videos that you can watch, which describe how the program works.

Why is it important – what benefits can you get from this program?

It is recommended that chess players wanting to take their chess to the next level use this program because it offers several benefits:

  • You will be able to see more chess moves ahead, before you actually make any move on the board, giving you an opportunity to assess the consequences of every move before you make it.
  • You will avoid making mistakes which can make you lose a game in an instant.
  • You will make the most of your training time since you will be able to easily visualize the notation below chess diagrams.
  • You become an efficient and effective chess player – you will not need to calculate variations several times over because you will be able to clearly the consequences of your move in your mind, saving you a lot of time.
  • You will make a wise investment that will help you significantly improve your chess – the program is favourably priced at only $ 30. If you were to hire a chess coach, you would pay a very high fee per hour of the coach's time to train you.
  • It is convenient – once you purchase the program, you can train at any time of the day or night, as much as you want.

Several books A and With programs on how to improve chess, available today, Visualwize is Considered to be a cut Among the above the rest : many chess enthusiasts.


Source by Louis Holtzhausen

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have Roster And Scheduling Software


In any type of organization, there are different regulations as well as systems that are set by the administration. This is to maintain an organized operation and to manage the staff better. Without these regulations, an organization would not achieve its goals and improve its workforce.

Roster and scheduling software is one efficient tool that some organizations use today. And if you do not have it yet, here are some reasons why you should:

1. It can help you save time and money by hiring the right amount of staff. Some businesses that operate for 24 hours a day think that they should hire a lot of people to entertain all the customers. Rostering will help in estimating how many people are needed in a business – this is done by evaluating all the positions and job responsibilities. When you have the right amount of staff, you can ensure that your business will run smoothly and your customers will never have complains.

2. It can help you allocate shifts and responsibilities. This can help you avoid your staff from changing their minds and complaining about their shares of work. You can do this by carefully listing all your staff names and assigning different roles that are required for a certain shift. Do this while carefully choosing the staff who is most suitable to do the job.

3. It uses an up-to-date rostering tool. The software uses a modern tool which helps you manage your time well when sorting out issues in your workplace. It provides costing models that are very accessible – with a click of a button. With this feature, you could easily send a memorandum or a personal message to your staff through text messages or email. This is very convenient when handling requests of your staff.

4. It enables your staff to plan ahead. Everyone is busy nowadays; even your employees have personal plans and events that they need to attend to. With rostering, you will be able to provide your staff their schedule ahead of time. This way, you can avoid incidents of last minute changes as well as unexpected absences.

5. It enables you to create a schedule no matter where you are. Through its cloud-based system, you can reach all your staff members from their personal computers, smart phones or other devices. This is a good way to create a stable communication between you and your staff.


Source by Gary Bishop

The Advantages of Slide Show Software for Presentation


To support their presentation, people often use slide show as their supporting tool. However, having only computer and projector without having the software installed. This certain program is responsible to help them deliver any materials in front of your audience. Unfortunately, many people do not know much about this program and how to optimize it. If you are one of them, this article will help you get more information about slide show software for your presentation.

Basically, slide show presentation software is a certain program with ability to create slide show. The features are usually including text, graphics, images, sound, and even video to deliver your information or material. The aim in making slides for presentation is to make the communication between you and the audience easier. It will be good guideline to keep your presentation on track. Therefore, you do not need to memorize the whole material that you should deliver in your presentation. Meanwhile, for your audience, it provides textual and visual representation that will help the audience in getting the information clearer.

Besides, the software also let you to transport the data to be manually or automatically arranged into slides. Surely, you have to set the software first to the most suitable setting for you. In order to make your slide more attractive, beautiful, or even more personalized, this program also allows you to change the appearance of the background, animation, as well as sound. Even, you can also set the change of the slides from many available options. Therefore, your slide will be more attractive for your audience.

Besides, attractive and systematic slide also often easier the audience to take notes, especially in schools or university. The lecturer or the professor just need to place the main point of the material, and the student will get easiness in getting the information. Besides, it also helps them to stay focus on the presentation.

If you want to have successful presentation, it will be better for you to look for slide show software to be installed in your computer or laptop. Therefore, both of you and your audience will get great support and help during the class, discussion, or meeting time.


Source by Bernard L Roth

Benefits of Inventory Management in Construction Management Software


In the construction industry, it is imperative to understand the flow of materials from one phase to another. A Construction Management Software with an advanced inventory management module can help the company stay updated about the material distributed or returned to and from various channels. A good inventory system plays an important role because it makes the process of tracking and monitoring much easier for management. This module also keeps track of purchase orders and materials supplied to various construction sites of a company. There are various benefits of Inventory Management in Construction Management software because it deals with tracking the items and materials used in the construction process.

Features of inventory management in a construction management software:

With inventory management software it's possible to organize, update and analyze data including how long it takes the supplier to process orders, ship them, and the time taken for the materials to reach the desired location. With this information the company managers can plan the work flow, decide when to purchase the necessary materials and how much to order.

The Inventory module also helps the construction company to calculate the buffer stock which is the reserve material to guard against unforeseen demand. This feature helps to minimize the risk of work interruption due to lack of materials.

The inventory management module is not only about calculating the amount of materials needed, it is also about tracking those materials through different phases, calculating the amount of materials used during the different phases, and alerting or reporting when the inventory levels are low.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons some of the other common benefits of an inventory module include the recording of the material sent or received, managing purchase orders, recording of rejected or returned materials, ability to record the transfer of materials, etc.

Benefits of using inventory management in construction management software:

Reduces paperwork – Manual record keeping may involve a large number of files to be maintained. They occupy a lot of space and a lot of paperwork would be involved. On the other hand, using an inventory management tool, data will be residing on the centralized server which can be accessed when needed. It is highly recommended to use a web-based construction software to deal with large record keeping. This way, the paperwork would be minimized greatly.

More accuracy – For large construction companies, maintaining the accuracy of data and records is a challenging task. If the work is being performed manually, human errors can be found in various documents. This may lead to ambiguity and hence, hamper the progress of projects. In order to avoid such scenarios, inventory management in suitable builder software should be used.

Proper estimation of materials – It is possible to estimate the exact requirement of the materials if the data is properly maintained. With a good inventory management module the construction company can plan the utilization of the materials available in a better way. This will increase the operational efficiency and productivity of the company. The software can also contribute to cost savings more than ever.


Source by Radha Chinnaswamy

An Introduction To SaaS (Software As a Service)


Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the most important components of the cloud computing. It is seen as a departure from the old client-server architecture model of computing, and as a natural extension of the Web 2.0 push for web-based applications. With SaaS, gone are the concerns over licensing of software packages, installing updates and patches, setting up training sessions with vendors, upgrading the hardware needed to run the programs, keeping a dedicated IT staff to maintain the servers, and other costs associated with the old client-server model.

Early examples of SaaS can be traced back to Hotmail, the now ubiquitous e-mail service owned by Microsoft. Back in 1996, Hotmail was a novelty for Internet users who were used to installing e-mail programs on their computers or getting their e-mail from online providers such as America Online and CompuServe. With the new Hotmail, users could not only get their new messages from any computer connected to the Internet, but they could also access their archived messages and address books at any time. Even startup businesses began to adopt Hotmail as it did not require a server or software installation.

Some of the first "true SaaS" applications were designed for the business world. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems were first made available as a subscription in the early part of the 21st century. CRM systems evolved from what has become a paradigm shift in the business process: the integrated management of the customer experience. From contact management to sales force automation, and from customer service to point of sale, the value of CRM systems have truly transformed the business process.

With SaaS, the programs needed by an individual or an enterprise are hosted remotely and delivered over the Internet. This is an ideal proposition for a startup MLM business owner with specific software needs. In the past, a startup business was faced with making costly hardware investments and building up enough IT assets just to get their operation going. The administration portion of the business alone required software solutions like a productivity suite such as Microsoft Office, or an accounting program like QuickBooks. Thanks to the advent of SaaS, a startup MLM does not have to worry about all that.

An internet-connected device equipped with an up-to-date and compatible web browser is often all it takes for a startup business to take advantage of SaaS. Let's say, for example, that a startup MLM needs a CRM solution in order to begin their sales and recruiting operations. A reasonably modern personal computer (or laptop, netbook, or even an iPhone) and a consultation with a SaaS provider might be the sum of the requirements necessary to get things started. Once the startup business has been given the web address and credentials needed to login to the software, the new business may begin to organize its contact database, develop a sales strategy, create marketing materials, make bookkeeping entries in a ledger, and even more depending on the type of CRM options chosen.

SaaS can work just like magic for a startup MLM business that aims to "test the waters" first or to begin operating modestly. Another advantage of SaaS is that it is highly scalable, meaning that its capacity can grow along with the business and at the same pace. And since all aspects of maintaining the software are left to the SaaS provider, the startup business owner can spend more time concentrating on growing the business instead of worrying about IT issues.


Source by Ian Mitchell Smith

Forex Mafioso Review – Is This Forex Trading Software System a Scam?


Are you searching for a Forex Mafioso review? This is one of the automated trading software programs that have become more and more popular today. These auto trading robots claim that they can help their users make hundreds, even thousands of dollars per day on autopilot. Are such claims legitimate, or is Forex Mafioso actually a scam? I decided to download this robot to find out for myself how it works.

1. What Can The Automated Forex Mafioso Software Do?

This automated trading robot is able to detect trends in the currency pairs of the currency market by using a form of analysis called technical analysis. This form of trading is a fairly accurate way to trade the Forex market, and the Forex Mafioso software is able help traders do all this analysis automatically.

2. How Does Forex Mafioso Trade Automatically?

The software has a series of mathematical algorithms coded into it. Therefore, it is able to capture all price movements in real-time and use its internally programmed trading system to determine if a trend is indeed forming. Once the robot has identified a profit opportunity, it can open trades for you automatically and help you sell your position when the trend starts to reverse.

3. Can You Really Trust The Forex Mafioso With Your Money?

After putting this trading robot to the test on a demo account to conduct forward testing, I have found that it is indeed able to produce the smooth equity curve that you see on its back-test results (which you can find at the main website of forex Mafioso). The robot will aim to make small consistent profits while keeping risks low by exiting trades when the price is showing signs of reversal.


Source by William Barnes

Preparing Open Source Software Compliance Guidelines



The purpose of these Open Source Software Compliance Guidelines (Guidelines) is to provide guidance in the development of procedures designed to verify compliance with the license requirements of various open source software applications and code (OSS) used internally or included in products for distribution. Technology lawyers, advisors and consultants need to be aware of issues surrounding open source software in order to properly advise their clients.

The output of these Guidelines should be (1) an Open Source Software Compliance Policy (OSS Policy) that describes the policies and procedures applicable to the company's use of OSS, and (2) an inventory (OSS Inventory) of all OSS approved for use within the company.

The OSS Policy must be designed with the company's culture and specific way of operating in mind in order to be effective. The OSS Policy should also be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

The OSS Inventory is the ultimate output of these Guidelines and the OSS Policy. However, it will also serve as a ready document, in modified form, that can be provided to customers that may request a listing of OSS contained in distributed products and to a potential partner or acquirer which is performing due diligence.

It is important to note that 3rd party proprietary software will often contain OSS components. Therefore, particularly when such software is being included in a distributed product, it is necessary to have the vendor identify all OSS components so that they can be considered along the lines as set forth below.

Designated Gatekeeper:

A person or committee should be designated for approval of all OSS proposed to be used internally or included in products for distribution. In order for this procedure to be effective, notice must be provided to relevant company personnel that the company requires prior approval of all OSS utilized in any manner within the company. Such notice must be conspicuous and repeated at regular intervals. In addition, supervisors must also be instructed to reinforce this requirement. Special attention must be paid to development teams which are accustomed to pulling OSS from various places, and usually operate subject to tight deadlines.

Request for Approval:

1. Requests for approval should be submitted within the amount of time prior to use / implementation as stated in the OSS Policy. The approval process should be initiated with the submission of a document that contains at least the following information:

2. Name / Version Number / Source of Open Source Software

3. Name of Applicable License (eg, GNU General Public License v.2, zlib, BSD), and Source Address for the License

4. Name of Entity / Person Granting License

5. Source Address from which OSS will be Obtained

6. Description of How OSS will be Used (eg, internally, as a development tool, embedded in distributed product, etc.)

7. If included in distributed product, description of the manner in which these OSS will interact with the company's proprietary source code (ie, will the OSS be compiled and / or linked statically or dynamically with the company's proprietary source code?)

8. The manner in which the OSS will be implemented (eg, modified vs. unmodified, standalone, statically linked, dynamically linked, etc.).

9. Description of whether the OSS will be modified

10. Statement as to whether the OSS is a key product component

11. Statement as to whether the OSS well-known and widely used

12. Target date for OSS use / implementation

Approval Process:

The approval process involves examining risk areas relating to using the particular OSS. Risk areas may include:

1. Does the OSS license require making modified source code publicly available?

2. Does the OSS license require that source code for company's proprietary software be made publicly available? (Eg, will there be static linking of GPL code with company's proprietary software?)

3. Has there been litigation or other issues relating to the subject OSS?

4. Does the OSS license contain ambiguous terms, thereby potentially placing a cloud on company's rights to use the OSS in a certain manner?

5. Will lack of warranties and intellectual property indemnification pose a risk to company vis- & agrave; -vis customer expectation and demands?

It is important that the approval process be conducted quickly, and the expected time period for approval should be set forth in the OSS Policy. Otherwise, users and developers are likely to get frustrated and find ways to get around the procedures as deadlines approach.

When new versions of approved OSS are used, an expedited approval process should take place. This allows the OSS Inventory to be kept up to date, and will prevent gaps forming in the inventory that could end up becoming large holes.


The goal of an OSS Policy is to achieve compliance with each OSS license. Depending upon the licenses involved, compliance may include any of the following:

1. Inclusion in appropriate documentation of warranty disclaimers, liability exclusions, author attribution, and proprietary rights notices.

2. Inclusion in appropriate documentation of the applicable OSS end user license agreement.

3. Public delivery or availability of source code for the unmodified version or the modified version.

4. Public delivery or availability of source code for company's proprietary software if linked to a "copyleft" open source software code in a manner that requires this result.

5. Marking of modifications made to the OSS source code.


On a periodic basis, at least annually, an audit should take place to verify that the OSS Inventory is accurate and up to date. The audit process can be as simple as distributing the OSS Inventory to key personnel who will sign off on it, or as complex as installing monitoring software that will identify OSS on the company's computer system. The extent of the audit will depend upon company's needs and the volume of open source OSS in use.

OSS Training:

Current and new employees should participate in an OSS Policy training session to ensure that they are aware of the company's procedures and requirements in this area.


Source by William Galkin

Use Christian Parental Control Software To Protect Family Members


Finding a excellent Christian web filter with an adult content material blocker program is not the easiest move to make. There are so many different applications to choose from, also it can be difficult to obtain the one that is best for you. Some people might at first use the most well-known of these programs, that are parent manage software programs. These types of programs usually offer you really broad blocking coverage, that works to limit and restrict very large amounts of sites on the very wide topic or even subject matter. Mother and father love this particular for their children, but it is improper for grown ups in many cases. Determine that you limited the word "gangs" in your children's access to the internet versus by yourself. You certainly do not wish to visit websites that have to do with gangs in as well as themselves, however, you may want to educate yourself about gang-related offences in your area, regulation changes, and much more.

Adult content material blocker programs provide you with the ability to make use of a Christian web filter whilst controlling exactly how restrictive it's for you. These applications work to limit certain unwanted sites, pictures, and so forth through popping up in your screen, however they go additional by giving the ability to manage these things on the keyword foundation. You can select very particular or really broad key phrases to personalize your encounter, so you have total control more than how limited the filters take prescription various key phrases and subjects.

The internet gets more and more packed with unpleasant and annoying sites, which means there's a greater requirement for adult content material blocker programs having a Christian web filter. A person truly do not have to deal with annoying or unpleasant things appearing on your display anymore, since you can have total control of your PC when you use the best filtering plan.

Being religious can come with its trials as well as tribulations, as well as pornography is a battle that you're going to be confronted with as long as the web is around. For those who have a spouse or teens, or each, you are going to may need to look into a grownup content blocker or perhaps a Christian web filter. It may be extremely effective if utilized right. As you may be considering your child or even husband is not doing something, porn may rapidly turn out to be an addiction and may also wreck families that live in the actual Christian way of life.

You are able to block web sites based on key phrases, and not just does it include already designed sites inside it, but you may add to the checklist anytime. This really is easy to use and may block out many of the pornographic websites online. Case one of the many religious internet filtration system programs available right now.

Many partnerships have damaged because of porno, and for this reason, the Christian loved ones should make use of an adult content material blocker on computer systems in the home. Teens get interested as to what it's, but after they start looking in internet marketing often, it may become a dependency. Men might stray from the marriage when they are getting bored stiff, and this is extremely wrong inside a Christian loved ones.

Utilizing an grownup content blocker might help prevent this issue from developing in your home and may protect computer systems all around. Christian believers are prohibited from taking a look at porn in addition to things for example gambling as well as gay or even lesbian marriage content material. This is purely prohibited, and for that reason a religious internet filtration system can be instead beneficial. This issue can be ceased before this even begins.


Source by Tyler James Ellison

Benefit of Using Restaurant Management Software Solutions & Restaurant POS Software


Restaurant management comprises of an array of functions that include management operations, front desk operations, and kitchen and warehouse operations to name a few. Restaurant management software offers the management and all departments in a restaurant the tools to manage restaurant through a software while tracking record of every bit and piece.

For front desk officer / cashier operation Point-of-Sale (POS) is the physical location at which goods are sold to customers. All sales and transactions are made through a computer. The high volume of cash and credit cards that pass through a restaurant each day make a restaurant POS system a necessity.

POS Solution makes swiping money transactions more secure for both the customer and the business. Servers are accountable for all their sales, and it is impossible to alter checks in the computer because of security component in the system.

A good restaurant software offers handy management tools ie reporting, inventory tracking in real-time, customer information for improved service and permits flexible product pricing configuration with checks to prevent your staff from selling at lower than designated rates.

"The most important thing to an owner of a business is to provide a quality product and service to his customers"

Restaurant Software Solution for Food & Beverage Industry is for various types of establishments ie coffee shop, a steak house, a bar & grille, a restaurant, country clubs, hotels, a cafeteria or any other food service establishments, is a complete suite of software modules designed to provide any food service business with information and control necessary to operate day to day business operations efficiently.

An integrated POS also supports touch screen terminals (including HandHeld Pocket PC terminals), Printers, Security Management, Setup / Configuration Management, Floor & Table Management, Customer order management, Hostess Management, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Cash and Credit Card Management , PDA based Order Management, Built-In Customization and Comprehensive Reports as per client need.

The wireless feature in an innovative restaurants information system enables staff to efficiently fulfill customer orders anywhere in the restaurant. It allows you to create and modify orders via wireless enabled PDA (windows mobile 5.0 & greater) devices directly from your customers table resulting in better customer satisfaction and improved table turnover.


Source by Nauman Lodhi

The Impact of the Internet on Project Management Software


From grocery lists to how we express ourselves, the internet has forever changed everything about modern living. In less than 25 years we have gone from the novelty of electronic mail to email being one of our slowest form of communications. We have forgotten the tedious nature of fax and land lines, we no longer think about what it would mean to not have a phone in our pocket, let alone not a busy signal or a lack of voice mail. Today our expectations are that we can share our 'status' or receive someone else's in a variety of mediums in a variety of ways.

All this, and we are not even broaching the subject of business. The integration of technology into our daily life may have started with its presence in the business world, but it seems at levels of advancement, we have left the work community behind. It is just in the last couple of years we have really started to see the value of adding 1 vs. many and social collaboration to our business ventures. Even the concept of the cloud is just getting its legs.

Now we have finally taken these concepts and integrated them into project management, project collaboration and team work. It is hard to imagine that you would not like to know what your teammates are up to. It is equally hard to believe that 24/7 access to a central repository for all of your collaboration is not something that would greatly improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Let's take the simplest example of time from point a to point b in a real project scenario. Let's take this example and examine a timeline of events throughout time. We will start with the drafting of building plans in New York that need to be shared with a developer in Chicago.

1950's Mailed to the site. 5-7 days to arrive. Any changes require physical mark up. Return of mail and back is at least another 2 weeks back and forth.

1970's Fax the plans.Takes a couple hours. If they make it through clearly, then changes are physically mocked up. Then they must be completely rewritten or mailed back. Either way another 1-2 weeks.

1990's Email the editable documents. Received email instantly. Files are downloaded over 3-4 hours. Once downloaded they can be mocked up within the software. Total back and forth 2-3 days.

2010's Use an online collaboration software with task management, file storage and social communication. Instant access to files and the ability to comment within the system reduces total effort of delivery and rework to under 1 day,

From the 50's to today we have seen what would take weeks now possibly take hours. This is not the effort involved with creation, but the time between creation and execution. The white space between getting things done. This reduction in white space means that so much more can be accomplished. The absence of white space makes it easier to get from point A to point B. This is the impact of technology on collaboration. It is a good one.


Source by Karl A Goldfield