Attendance Monitoring and Login / Logout Monitoring Software


In workplaces where employees work on computers, it is convenient to monitor attendance with software that includes login / logout monitoring functions. Consider the following advantages of running attendance monitoring software:

1. Attendance monitoring software keeps track of which members were present or absent, and of course, any nonmembers or intruders seeking access to the workplace will also be quickly identified.

2. The number of hours worked can be automatically computed by comparing the times of arrival and departure for each member. The attendance monitoring software will compute the total number of hours worked for a given period of time.

3. Attendance monitoring software aids in calculating the payroll since workers are paid according to the hours that were worked. The bookkeeper no longer needs to calculate for each worker how many hours were worked. The attendance monitoring software will do this automatically. This is maybe, but I would not go in describing any features so deep if not sure. This is not our feature.

4. The availability of any particular worker may be ascertained by a glance at the monitoring screen. The supervisor will not need to ask other employees or take the time to make telephone calls to know if a particular employee is on duty.

5. It is possible to be more flexible with work hours, even to keep track of traveling and remote workers. Whether workers work earlier hours or later hours does not create an inconvenience, since the attendance is monitored automatically.

6. Attendance monitoring reports may summarize the attendance record of any employee over a given period of time.

Login / Logout monitoring is included in attendance monitoring, while it also serves some additional purposes, such as the following:

1. It lets you know how many people are accessing a directory in the computer at a given moment and who they are, provided the directory has a login screen.

2. Access may be restricted to certain directories by a password or a code. Any attempts to hack into the directory by an outsider or intruder will be noticed immediately, since a couple of failed attempts to log in will trigger a warning signal.

3. Reports will show who last logged into a high-security directory. The whole history of the user's activities may be disclosed, including the frequency of logins and for how long he was logged in.

The greatest benefit of attendance monitoring and login / logout monitoring software in the workplace is that time consuming, manual attendance reporting is no longer necessary. Also, employees can not cheat the system by logging in and leaving the computer, since the system will notice an idle computer. The software works unobtrusively to record the login and logout automatically. Workers may begin work immediately without any preliminaries. Managers have access to reports at any time that is convenient to them. They do not need to interrupt the flow of work just to get answers to their questions about the attendance of their employees.


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